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14 Reasons Why You Might Be Due A Tax Refund

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'What’s for you, won’t pass you by'.
Wise words – but this old adage doesn’t necessarily apply when it comes to claiming your tax back – you have to go get what you’re entitled to. Each year in Ireland, millions of euro remains unclaimed. One explanation is that people are just not made aware.

Top 3 Receipt Apps For Medical Expenses


Keeping hold of receipts can be tedious. Crumpled up and crowding your wallet, they have an uncanny ability to get lost when you need them most. For certain things like medical expenses (G.P/Consultant visits, medications, physiotherapy etc), having proof of purchase means you can claim tax back - 20% of the cost - for the year, so keeping hold of them, pays!

The Top 3 Personal Finance Apps

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There are many personal finance apps on the market and while they may not necessarily make saving money for your next trip abroad any easier, you’ll at least have a better view of where your funds are going.

Coeliac Gluten-free Food Too Expensive?


Good news! You can claim 20% tax back off the price! The cost of Coeliac foods can be extortionate. We want to raise awareness around a little-known Coeliac tax relief, which is often kept under-wraps – until now! It’ll put a little more money back in your pocket.

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