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Doing It Yourself v’s Using TaxHug


A question that crops up is ‘why would someone use TaxHug when they can just do it themselves with Revenue’? So, if you decide to go it alone to claim your tax refund, you effectively have two options to choose from.

Maternity Benefit Tax Credit Explained


Another letter from Irish Revenue slips through the mailbox and yet again you can’t decipher this latest and convoluted change to your tax credits. The change? – Maternity benefit is now taxable. Since its introduction in July 2013, it has lead to a degree of confusion.

  So here’s how it works in a nutshell

Beards, Candles and Windows: 6 of Strangest Taxes Ever


Countries need to take stuff from the people who live in them in order to exist. That’s the rule. It hasn’t always been money – back in the day it was butter or cattle or whatever was lying around – but regardless of what they take, countries have always had to take something, and people are rarely enthused to hand it over.

How To Claim Back Tax on Pregnancy Medical Expenses


A recent Irish Times article caught our eye about a ‘maternity box’ issued to all Finnish mothers following childbirth. That got us thinking. What tax reliefs are available to expectant and new mothers in Ireland?

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