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Use our 100% accurate PAYE Irish tax refund calculator. What you see is what you'll get. It's 100% FREE to use to see how much tax you're due back from the Irish Revenue Commissioners.


TaxHug asks you simple questions and based on your answers, it finds tax credits unique to you. Our team of Chartered Accountants keeps it up-to-date with the latest tax changes so we know exactly what to ask to get you every euro you're due. The average refund is €880, see what you're due!

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100% FREE

Our tax refund calculator is always 100% FREE to use. It's a great tool to see if you're due any tax back from the Revenue Commissioners.

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100% accurate

TaxHug calculates EXACTLY how much tax back you're due. TaxHug don't do estimates, like all the rest do!

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Only takes minutes to answer the calculator questions and we've simplified everything so you feel completely at ease!

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You're instantly shown how much your tax refund is. Due a refund? We can email you your completed tax form too!

TaxHug is 100% accurate

What you see, is what you'll get

Other tax refund companies offer tax back estimates. Use our accurate tax back calculator to see exactly how much you're due!

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€880 is the average refund

Don't leave your hard-earned money behind, use our FREE tax refund calculator to see how much you're entitled to claim back!

Some Common questions, Answered

Where do I get my P60?

Your employer should be able to give you your P60 since you are legally entitled to it. If you left an employer and you don’t have a copy, contact the Revenue PAYE helpline and they will give you your income details.

What's the difference between Revenue’s PAYE Online and TaxHug?

TaxHug provides you with a calculation while PAYE Online does not. Our calculations are 100% accurate. While PAYE Online allows you to claim tax credits, it expects you to know whether an extra tax credit applies to you. TaxHug is designed to ensure that every tax credit that you are due is included in your tax calculation.

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Great service. The free tax refund calculator was so handy and I got my form instantly after. Can't recommend highly enough!

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