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After years of seeing PAYE workers missing tax credits and being overtaxed, we decided to design and build a simple way to help put money back in people’s pockets.

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Eithne O’Sullivan

Eithne O’Sullivan

Co-founder & CEO

Eithne is a qualified accountant with 30 years’ experience in all areas of taxation and is a past president of the Accounting Technicians of Ireland.

David O’Sullivan

David O’Sullivan

Co-founder & CFO

David is a Chartered Accountant and Managing Partner in a tax practise in Westport, Co. Mayo. David spends his time enhancing TaxHugs’ infrastructure and technology.

Mark Newcombe

Mark Newcombe

Marketing Manager

Mark’s background in the psychology of consumer behaviour stands him in good stead when it comes to getting the TaxHug message out to the masses.

Lorcan Hynes

Lorcan Hynes


Lorcan’s likes to get things done and channels his focus in perfecting the TaxHug user experience and ensuring TaxHug is kept on brand.

Decades of experience

How it started

Talking to PAYE workers, it was obvious most were unsure what they could claim for or how they could claim it. The majority didn’t even know that they were being overtaxed each year. TaxHug was designed with these problems in mind.


Keeping It Simple

TaxHug is live since September, 2014, and since then we have continuously developed the platform to ensure we stay true to our goal – providing a simple way to for you claim back tax.

Some Common questions, Answered

Where do I get my P60?

Your employer should be able to give you your P60 since you are legally entitled to it. If you left an employer and you don’t have a copy, contact the Revenue PAYE helpline and they will give you your income details.

What's the difference between Revenue’s PAYE Online and TaxHug?

TaxHug provides you with a calculation while PAYE Online does not. Our calculations are 100% accurate. While PAYE Online allows you to claim tax credits, it expects you to know whether an extra tax credit applies to you. TaxHug is designed to ensure that every tax credit that you are due is included in your tax calculation.

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Sean Doherty got back


I couldn't believe when I saw that I was due back that amount from Irish Revenue. I got my filled out form from TaxHug and sent it off. Got the money into my bank account shortly after. Easy was not the word!

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